Style Coach, Elana Shap ( )  and I wander the streets of Tel Aviv and this is who we found!  Photographs Natalie Muallem Text: Elana Shap


VALERIA, radiologist
Fresh and confident is what comes to mind when we spot Valeria in her coral dress, matching bag and black statement necklace. After stopping her to chat we are even more impressed by her trendy nude makeup and bold white eye-shadow.
Where are you going? I’m off to meet a very good friend for coffee.
Where are you from? Originally from Russia but now I live in Petach Tikva.
What are you thinking? It’s nice to have a break from work and be in the big city.
She spots her friend who isnot surprised that Valeria has been stopped by a stylist and photographer: “Valeria is always well groomed and has a clear style of her own,,” says the friend. We can see that!

ADISE, hairdresser at Avi Fadida
A group of girlfriends laughing and chatting as they leave work and Adise stands out from the crowd with her retro look. We are even more excited when she tells us that her dress is real vintage  picked up at the Dizengoff flea market.
Where are you from? Yavne, originally from Ethiopia.
What catches your eye when you shop? The color red (note her red flats that work so well with the grey dress).
Where do you usually shop? Vintage stalls at flea markets and then add to it with items from Forever21 and other chains.


We moved on to Gan Meir – the green lung of Tel Aviv – which smells a bit to much of cat pee but we are here to find fashion statements not crit the park.
SAHAR, travel agent
Is she the re-incarnation of Amy Winehouse? There’s the big up hairdo, black leather clutch with the skull addition and tatoos but that’s where it ends…the look is softened with a floaty asymmetrical dress and hot red thin belt.
Where are you going? Off to a laser treatement.
What are you thinking? Can I hold back and not buy anything in the half hour before my appointment.
What do you dream of? To be a stylist.