2020 is a year that is going to live long in the memory.

For generations to come, we who have lived through the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic will look back and shake our heads in amazement at the extraordinary upheaval it caused to the lives of people all over the world.

Those too young to remember or realise the significance of the advent of the coronavirus, and the generations as yet unborn, will learn all about 2020 and wonder what it was like to be alive in this bizarre and challenging year.

Photography is, of course, the ideal way to preserve memories of a particular moment in time. Think about how we look back to events such as VE-Day, the Moon landings or Charles and Diana’s wedding and almost invariably revisit them first through images that were captured on unforgettable days in 1945, 1969 and 1981.

So when you are living through a genuinely momentous period in the history of the human race, it is natural that you want to create and preserve images of yourself, your family or your business.

“I was there”, these images will tell future generations. “I was there and this is what the world looked like in the scarcely credible year of 2020.”

Of course, virtually all of us have the capability these days to take snapshots on our phone. Many people also enjoy photography as an amateur hobby and will be busily taking pictures of 2020 so they can look back in the years to come.

However, one of the assets that sets apart an experienced professional photographer is the ability to capture the emotions of a moment in a single frame in the life of a person, family or business.

You will not be surprised to hear that this has been an extremely challenging year for anybody who operates as a photographer.

The lockdown restrictions imposed in response to the advent of Covid-19 on our shores made it impossible for me to visit business premises or to bring customers into a studio environment where we could work together.

However, those restrictions are now easing. It is now feasible, while still observing the social distancing required for us to be able to meet in the same place, for us to collaborate in person.

Maybe you want a striking image to fix your children at their current age. Perhaps you want a memento of the ways in which your colleagues responded and kept business going.

Get in touch and let me know how you would like us to work together so that future generations can understand who you were, what you were doing and how you felt about your life and that of the human race in general during this least forgettable of years.