As a mother of young children, I know how fast they grow up – and how keenly you want to hold on to all the precious moments as the days and years pass.

With cameras available on mobile phones these days, it’s easy to take your own snapshots on a daily basis.

But every so often you want to be able to enjoy the moment fully with your family. You want to know there is a professional with you who can capture a moment in time, and all the emotion that goes with it, with an expert eye.

I specialise in creating lifelong memories by taking pictures in a natural and informal setting.

Rather than asking family members, especially young children, to pose for the camera, I’ll be as unobtrusive as possible.

That way people will be themselves – and their true personality will be reflected in the special images I create.

Whether you want to stage a photography session in a studio, in your home or in an outdoor location such as a beach or a park, I find the best results come from the most natural and unscripted moments.

However, I take the trouble before the shoot to get to know you. We’ll have a long discussion in advance so that I am fully acquainted with you and your family.

That way, once the session gets under way, I’ll know exactly what I’m looking for in terms of the characters I’m looking at and the kind of images you want to preserve for ever.

As you will see from my portfolio, so many wonderful images can be created in moments when children are playing without a care in the world – and certainly without knowing there’s a camera focused on them.