As well as being a family and commercial photographer, I am also qualified to teach adults – a fact I use to run courses in photography.

Whether you have merely a camera on your smartphone, or the very latest SLR, my course will help you to develop your creativity.

The aim is to learn how to use photography as a tool to look at your daily life with fresh eyes and rediscover the world around you.

On the course we’ll work together to change and upgrade the way you use your camera so that you can capture images of the people and places around you that you’ll treasure.

I love delivering my courses – and they can be adapted to become part of your corporate events calendar.

If you are planning a team-building exercise, a town hall meeting or a company get-together for many or all of your colleagues, why not engage them in a task that tests and expands their creativity?

The participatory and interactive nature of the courses means everybody who joins in will get the benefit.

They’ll learn how to use the camera as a tool to document, recreate and capture unique moments – and in a fun, collective environment.