Style Coach, Elana Shap ( )  and I wandered the streets of Tel Aviv and this is who we found!  Photographs Natalie Muallem Text: Elana Shap



Who could miss her Carmen Miranda look with an ethnic twist. Love the flower in her headdress and the rings on her toes .
Where are you going? Actually I work here at Gefen boutique so I’m not going anywhere for the next few hours.
Where are you from? Born and bred in Tel Aviv
What are you thinking? That love is peace
What do you wish for? Peace in the world.
Where did you get all your bracelets, necklaces and rings?  On a trip to India and I always wear them.


Who could miss that big statement hair and bright costume jewelery
Where are you going? This store belongs to my boyfriend, Guy Gil who is the designer of these pieces
Where are you going? I have to go and take my kids from their summer camp soon.
Where are you from? Bat Yam
What are you thinking? That Guy’s colorful and unique designs really influence my mood for the better.
What do you wish for? Happiness.


EINAT, actress, dancer, singer
Who could miss the vintage/trendy combo of straw hat, feminine dress teamed with gold sandals
Where are you going? I’m on my way to Shlomit Ofir jewellery store to fix a necklace that broke
Where are you coming from? I was at a meeting for my work as an actress and I walked here via the Carmel Market which I love.
Where are you from? Herzliya.
What are you thinking? That I love it here. There’s an atmosphere that you can smell and feel.  It’s alive.
What do you wish for? I wish things could be simpler in Israel.
Where did you get your hat? Two years ago I participated in the Carmiel Folk Dancing festival and I bought it at a stand there. I love hats in summer because they keep you cool and are so feminine.