Project Description

Personal branding photography, perfect for small businesses and professionals.

How do you or your company want to be seen? Friendly, approachable or more corporate? Would you like to be photographed at your desk or in a more relaxed atmosphere (perhaps somewhere that reflects your brand but isn’t where you work)? Whether you are a big company or a freelancer I believe that the rapport you have with your client is as important as the service you offer. Having quality photographs on your website instills trust in you while giving them an insight into who they will be doing business with.

How does it work?

Before the session I will send you a questionnaire to help me understand your brand better, we will then have a meeting in person or on the phone to bounce ideas so that we can create photographs that bring out the best in you and what you do.

How are personal branding sessions different to portrait sessions ?

Personal branding sessions are similar to regular portrait sessions but we will see you and your business as a whole and it may even be more than one session or location which reflect different aspects of your business and products if you wish. You will then have a library of images which you can use over time for social media, press and events.

Do you work with graphic designers ?

Combining photography with a logo and other design work is a skill of its own. That’s why I work with graphic designers so that the logo, design and photography session can be planned together making sure that the colours and style are in sync. Contact me at to tell me more about your business and we can discuss which model suits you best.


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