On Monday Elana Shap, Style Coach and I headed off to the Noga area to see who we could find to interview and photograph for our monthly Jpost fashion article.  We look for people who have an interesting style or look like they have put some thought into what they are wearing. It is not important where their clothes came from or how expensive they were. As well as photographing these people, it’s always interesting to find out who is behind the face and in this case clothing. We walk past thousands of people each day without knowing much about them. How often do you pass someone in the street and make an assumption about what they do or what “type’ of person they may be. What I enjoy the most about this piece is that we never know who we are going to find and what to expect. Every article is a new experience!

Our first interviewee found while we were having morning coffee.  See the final article next Friday 6th March!

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